Nutriban: Nutritional Bandwidth, An essay about the food substances essential to growth of the human body

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Nutrition is the moment an individual consume food to fuel the body the essentials it needs to be able to run efficiently and grow. Nutrition is the sum of the processes by which an animal or a plant takes in and utilizes food substances. (“Nutrition”, 2017) The process of obtaining foods that is necessary for health and grow (“Nutrition”, 2017).


Nutrition is important to health as it is directly related to the mental and physical state of an individual. The substances that the body receives from the food intake will be the ones that will be used to generate more energy as well prevent possible diseases from materializing. Determining the nutritional requirements of the body is vital to maintaining the systems running in it to stay efficient and maintained. The study of nutrition dates back to the 18th century, when the French chemist Lavoisier discovered a relationship between our metabolism of food and the process of breathing. In this point of time, the observation of the chemist Lavoisier proved that the consumption of food substance and the breakdown of its nutrients can be associated to the behavior of the human body, specifically breathing. As these scientists delve deeper into that discovery, the more they understand the keys underlying to the utilization of the nutrients within food. The information determining the nutrients that the body requires prevents possibilities of diseases to be acquired in the future. By the early 20th century, scientists had found that diseases — such as beri beri, rickets, scurvy, and pellagra — were associated with certain diets (Nutrition, 2017). By 1912, the Polish chemist Casimir Funk had found a substance (vitamin B1) that actually prevented beri beri, and he named it “vitamine.” Later it was found that these diseases were caused by the lack of specific nutrients — vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin D, vitamin C, and vitamin B3 (niacin) respectively. For example, antioxidants like beta carotene, selenium, vitamin E, and vitamin C, when consumed in foods, appear to protect against the development of heart disease, cancer, and other chronic degenerative diseases (Nutrition, 2017).


Vitamin and mineral sources helps configure the nutrition or body needs to be able to function efficiently. Vitamins are any of a group of substances that are found naturally in many foods. Vitamins are necessary in small quantities for good health and normal development and functioning of the body (Vitamin, 2017). Minerals are elements or compounds that are naturally existent within organic matter including the human body. Vitamin and mineral sources are vital to the body for it to be able to grow. They work hand in hand to give off the body the essential nutrients it needs to function efficiently.

For example, the mineral zinc and vitamin A. Zinc enables the body to use vitamin A to promote good vision. Not getting enough vitamin A may lead to night blindness, a condition in which the eyes have trouble adjusting to darkness. Zinc supplementation may help prevent this condition by helping the body use vitamin A. Another example is calcium and vitamin D. Calcium, which is very important in bone and heart health, is more readily absorbed if vitamin D is also present (Nutrition, 2017). Memory loss, dementia and numbness in the arms and legs can occur when the body lacks cobalamin also known as Vitamin B12.These may be prevented by consuming foods that are high in vitamin B12 such as meat poultry, fish, milk, cheese, eggs, fortified cereals and fortified soymilk. Another nutrient deficiency can cause burning feet and other neurologic symptoms. This can occur when the body lacks pantothenic acid also known as vitamin b5. ­one can avoid this by including chicken, whole grains, broccoli, mushrooms, avocados and tomato products in his diet.


The nutritional value of the food we intake should always be considered as it is vital to the maintenance of a healthy body. The state or condition of the body is related to the nutrition it gets. The understanding the appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals that the body requires to satisfy the nutritional requirements for doing activities is indeed important. With this information, an individual can be helped in avoiding possibilities acquiring certain diseases from lacking nutrients that the body needs. Alternatives in term food consumption, vitamin intake, and the planning of right diet can be improved with the right nutrition. Nutrition is important to keeping a healthy body and a sound mind. Nutrition is important for us to understand the substances that are integrated with the body as we consume food; aware of its value and purpose.















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A happy life is the one you tried hard to live it

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This photo was taken March 28, 2010. The day of my graduation in High school. Today, May 7,2017, 7 years after this photo was taken, I wandered back to the places i have been and never have been back when I was in High School. I have realized one thing.

I always thought my High School life sucks. I got bullied way back in 1st year for pooping my pants hahaha. Can you believe it? That was one of the most embarrassing days of my life. It was ironic, that same year a girl proposed to me, I will never forget her angelic face as she uttered the words: “Can you be my boyfriend” hahaha. As I look back, I wondered what happened to me all these years. What have I been doing hahahaha.

1 more thing I remember was when I was in 4th year at the division level of chess tournament. I almost got the slot to be the representative of Caloocan to Palarong Pambansa that year. I lost not because of my opponent. I lost because I lost my focus. I still remember that moment where a move or two will do the job and he knew it as well. He sighed and just ask for the arbiter for a restroom break in the middle of the match. One thing I did not realize is that he already moved and my time already starts but I relaxed and thought it was over and thought to myself that I would just wait for him to come back before I give the final move hahaha.

I remember the dusty basketball court. The siomaian shake combo. The uwian feels. The hallway feels. The computer lab. The scent of the school. All the memories. The classmates I never had the chance to get close with. The bullying. The crushes. The academics. The tournaments. The sportsfest. The reading classes. The rotc. Everything I clearly remember just like a wind that hit me in a sunny afternoon. The nostalgic feeling. The feeling that I have lived.

I realize one thing. The things that would matter years from now are not just the things that made you happy. What you would clearly remember are the things that you have done.

The things that you tried. The things that you have worked hard for a certain goal. The things that make you felt alive. These things are not just happy memories. They can be shitty. They maybe the things that you sucked and so frustrated that you cannot be good at it no matter how hard you tried. They may be the things that made you felt horrible. Things that made you sad.Cry. Angry. Loved. Embarrassed. Determined. Lonely.

There will come a point in your life that you would not mind what you did was good or bad , cool or not, happy or sad. You will just smile and uttered the words: ” I had a happy life because I lived. I have felt everything because I tried. I am happy I have experienced those things. I am actually, genuinely happy that I have given these gift of life to live it.”

One more thing that I have realized: “I could’ve tried more. Lived more. Now, I will.”




My Sun


Smile. Live life positively. Think positive. This too shall pass. Good or Bad.It is how you want to look at things and live your life. It is all within the decisions you choose. Know what you want. Do things with conviction. Say what you mean. Mean what you say. Live and bet your Life on it!

Tinuro mo sa aking kung paano masaktan, habang natutunan ko kung paano nga ba ang magmahal.

Di ka perpekto pero gusto kita laging makasama sa bawat oras, at ang galing mong hindi ako hawakan at saktan ako upang mabuhay at matuto.

Mahal kita. Oo. Gusto kong ibigay ang lahat sa’yo ngayon. Yun ang nararamdaman ko. Tila lahat ng oras ko ay sayo. Sa isip ko ikaw laging tumatakbo. At hindi ka ganoon.

Bakit? Tanong ng isip? Paano? Gusto? Mga tagpi tagping ideya.

Sa ngayong ako’y litong-lito, bakit ko ba pinasok to? Malinaw na sakin na litong-lito ko. Ang dapat ko lang gawin ay magpatianod sa mga ngiti mo. Sa araw. Sa mata mo. Mabuhay ng masaya kahit ano pa mang bumabagag. Pilitin. Pigilan. Ilabas. Matuto.

Hindi ako tahimik, ganito kadaming sandamukal ang tumatakbo sa isip ko. Sobrang ingay ng mundo ko. Kapag kasama kita panatag ako.Payapa.

I am always anxious. I need my sun. I need to not need you. I hate you. I love you.

Good bye. Thank you. I wish we could have been happier together. Mas mabuti bang di ko na lang sinubukan? Mas mabuti bang di na lang natin nakilala ang isa’t isa? Mas mabuti bang di nalang tayo nagkasama? Masaya kong sa mga sandaling magkasama tayo. Di ako nagsisisi kahit masakit. It is worth it. I had bet my Life on it I neither won nor lose but I am happy I have lived it.

Life is a paradox. Life is simple. Life is complicated.

Just live and bet your life on it.

Ichose you. I am choosing to live a happy life.